About Us

A.N.R.I. FZC’s senior partner has over 45 years of international operating in executive management on exploration & development projects for major, independent and start-up oil & gas companies, as well as working as an independent consultant. A.N.R.I. FZC supplements its own in-house experience with expertise provided through our worldwide network of specialists and associates.


A.N.R.I. FZC is an independent oil & gas and commodities trading
advisory firm managed from the United Arab Emirates.

technical consultancy services
to companies

involved in the exploration and development and trading of hydrocarbons, commodities and innovative products in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

project management

new business development


  • We have the necessary operational, technical and commercial experience and industry network to advise our clients on the implementation and management of their oil and gas assets and exploration projects as well as advise on new opportunities to enhance their existing asset portfolios.
  • A.N.R.I. FZC gives its clients the ability to quickly and confidently enhance their in-house technical expertise and management of their projects and assets.
  • We have extensive international operating experience which enables us to work independently and take ownership of a project and to carry high levels of responsibility and accountability for the work we provide. We strive to maintain excellence and integrity in what we do.